African-Asian Fusion Collection Exclusive to Chow Tai Fook – 18 September 2018 September 18, 2018 – Posted in: Media, News / In the Press

The aim was to find a common narrative between these two vastly different places and cultures ( Africa / Asia) linking them together while still keeping a commercial jewellery collection in mind.

The African influence came from Zulu beadwork, although beautiful to look at it is actually used for communication between men & women in the zulu culture. Colours and different positions of the beads in triangle shapes symbolizes different meanings, ( triangle represents women, diamond represents married women) helping to avoid any awkward social situations.

Asian influences were inspired by chinese knotting, not only is the process is as old as time, like the zulu beadwork it is said to originally be used to communicate, to convey messages before people started to write. Asian design principles like unity ( circle shape), harmony & balance ( repetition of patterns & colour), line and colour can also be seen in this collection. In both Asia & Africa the importance of colour with both positive and negative meaning is shared.

(image: Gold cuff with colorful gemstones like African beadwork and Chinese knotting)