DTC South Africa Shining Light Awards October 6, 2015 – Posted in: Awards

COMPETITION THEME: “Women of Africa – Your Light Shines”

The DTC South Africa Shining Light Awards Diamond Design Collection – 2012/2013 celebrates the women of Africa, and honours their strength, resilience, love, beauty, generosity, suffering, joy and courage. Be it mother, daughter, nurturer, politician, farmer or teacher, the women of Africa are multifaceted.
Out of 600 entries, only 10 finalists were chosen for this year’s 10th Shining Lights Awards collection of diamond jewellery, titled ‘Women of Africa – Your Light Shines’ 2012/2013

I designed this ankle bracelet of 18ct white and yellow gold with diamonds to celebrate the movement of women of Africa. Both through the rhythmic movement of traditional dance, and through the movement of their journey of growth and independence from the past to the present, Africa’s women leave a legacy of grace and power that inspires.

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