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First Hello, Last Goodbye 

Love knows no bounds, A shared kiss is a language of it’s own uniting different people together. This Jade & Amber pendant of a couple entwined in a kiss celebrates the love found and lost between people from different  cultures and races, celebrating the relationships of the merchants along The Silk Road Journey.

Each face was carved by a father & son duo on the outskirts of Rome called Valmontone. Roberto Zuccheri & Mario Zuccheri have been hand carving precious stones for 30 & 5 respectfully. Preserving this unique and dying art of cameo carving for the rest of the world to share. Amazing to see their skill in matching the faces they each carved to come together in an entwined kiss.

The jade stone, from the East is carved with a Western man’s features and the amber stone, from the West with a women of Eastern features. A symbol to show cultural unity. Love does not see age, race or culture. If you look closely in the males face you will see the scares around the eye from my muse’s face and in the women’s face are my smile lines.

A tribute to love lost and found in all journeys of life. Entwined in a kiss, is this the First hello or Last goodbye? A precious moment preserved eternally in precious stone.