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French writer Zola said, “A kiss is a secret that is told with the mouth instead of poured into the ear.” As the embodiment of inner emotion in appearance, it contains infinite and deep love.

The ideal art is the cohesion of emotion. When the experience of love represented by a kiss is solidified into art, it will become the inner power that touches the soul and resonates. The new work of South African artist Lucinda Jane Dabbs is titled “Kiss”. May the heartbeat of this artistic freeze-frame bring you an extraordinary touch.

The first hello and the final goodbye are the hardest things in the world to say.

Lucinda believes that love has no boundaries and that shared kisses are a language that unites disparate people. Her new creation is made of emerald and amber, this pendant depicts a couple kissing each other, celebrating the love found and lost between people from different cultures and races, and the exchanges among merchants along the ancient Silk Road. Relationships, a tribute to love lost and found in all of life’s journeys. Intertwined with a kiss, is this the first greeting or the final farewell? Precious moments are preserved forever in gemstones.

The two faces presented by the pendant were jointly carved by a father and son duo from a small town called Valmontone on the outskirts of Rome. They are Roberto Zuccheri and Mario Zuccheri, who have been engaged in manual gemstone carving for 30 years and 5 years respectively. In 2010, inherit and protect this unique and endangered relief art, and share it with people all over the world. Amazingly, they combined their sculpted faces into one intertwined kiss.

If you look closely at these two “faces”, you will find that the emerald from the East is carved with the appearance of a Western man, while the amber stone from the West is carved with the characteristics of an Eastern woman. The fusion of Chinese and Western cultures symbolizes the unity of cultures, love regardless of age, race and culture. “If you look closely at a man’s face, you’ll see the scars on the face of my muse, and on a woman’s face, my laugh lines.”

Lucinda Jane Dabbs was born in South Africa, studied at Cape Peninsula University of Technology for four years, and completed the Honors Bachelor of Jewelry Design and Manufacturing with honors. She loves different cultures around the world. She deepened her artistic attainments in New York and absorbed nutrients from galleries and exhibitions of various creative media. The fusion of these different cultures has become a source of inspiration for her creation.

For this new work, she has full of love and hopes to pass it on to more people.

In the long journey of life, we must learn to love ourselves, and at the same time, the ability to love others.

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